Wyoming State Board of Funeral Service Practitioners

License Renewal 

All licenses and permits, with the exception of annual or occasional permits, expire on February 1st of each year. Renewal notifications are mailed to each licensee at their address on file approximately thirty (30) days prior to expiration. The renewal application must be post-marked by February 1st to be considered without a late fee.  When the renewal application is approved, the license is renewed for one (1) calendar year. The renewed licensee will will receive new pocket ID cards and a receipt for the renewal fee. Each licensee is required to complete a minimum of eight (8) hours of continuing education coursework during the license period. 

Late Renewal

A license or permit not renewed on or before February 1 has expired and the holder may not lawfully practice in Wyoming. An expired license or permit may be renewed within thirty (30) days of expiration upon receipt of a completed renewal form, payment of the late renewal fee and completion of continuing education. An individual who has failed to have a license or permit renewed within thirty (30) days of the February 1 expiration date must meet the requirements of new licensure as provided in Chapter 2 and shall not engage in any activity which requires a license until the Board approves issuance of a new license.

Renewal Form

The renewal period is currently closed. During the renewal period, blank renewal forms will be available here.